Loviisa - Small town, great experiences

Loviisa, an idyllic old port town between Porvoo and Kotka is less than an hour´s drive east of Helsinki. The Swedish King Adolf Fredrik was very fond of the town and named it after his wife, Queen Lovisa Ulrika.

The coastal town of Loviisa has a rich history. The bilingual town has a remarkable main square surrounded by 19th century stately stone houses and immediately next to the centre, you will find the old town districts with their wooden houses, as well as gravel and cobblestone streets. On the western side, you will find the bold neo-gothic Church, while fortresses built in the 18th century are on the eastern side. The sea stretches all the way to the town centre. The Laivasilta area is related to the sailing history of the region and is characterised by its red salt warehouses, making it a popular area for meetings and events during summers.

Loviisa has nearly 16,000 inhabitants and it offers a wide range of cultural sites, rich natural beauty and plenty of activities. Only a short distance from the Loviisa town centre, you can admire manors and craftmen´s workshops in the area of the Strömfors Iron Works. You can also learn about the interesting past of the area through the historical buildings and fortresses. The pristine natural environment offers the opportunity for swimming, picnicking, hiking and fishing, as well as playing golf. The high-quality accommodations and long list of cultural events optimise a guest´s stay. 

Welcome to Loviisa!

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